Concrete Blood

Justin poured the walls for my garden bed yesterday! I’m so excited! This will be the first year that I’ve been able to have my garden on my own property. He made a long wall along the hill right outside the cave. The sun will hit it perfectly!


Justin’s parents stopped by while the concrete was getting poured so his Dad helped him. Justin’s Dad taught him everything he knows about concrete and they are both experts on everything concrete. It was really sweet to see Colt out there with the guys. He always tries so hard to get in the concrete! The boys always say that concrete is in his blood and he knows what he’s suppose to be doing. 🙂

And now way to many pictures…







3 thoughts on “Concrete Blood

  1. Wow! You were not joking when you told me he was making you a garden bed. So cool that it’s next to your cave. That sounds so weird to say that you have a CAVE! Colt looks like he’s the foreman. That wall and mud truck brings back a lot of memories. It looks great can’t wait to see when it’s done.

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