Running update and my day… with a recipe to come

I got the okay from my chiropractor, and I went on a run yesterday!!! I’m so happy! 3 easy miles is all I did, but I was so thrilled to run again. If you are a runner you’ll understand the addiction that comes with the sport. The wind blowing against your face, the blood pumping through your veins making you hot even though it’s freezing outside, your body working in perfect sync; the feelings brought on by running are unbeatable.

Icing my leg and hip after the run to help keep the inflammation down. It’s all worth it!

Kids grow up way to fast! I went out for a 3 mile run and this is what I saw when I got home. Colt was on the porch helping his Daddy work, carrying around his own little drill, and making drilling noises with it. My heart melted!


After I got done icing my leg, I made myself a huge plate of sautéed veggies and scrambled eggs. I’ve gotten smart and double the portions of mushrooms I make, because Colt always picks them out of my plate. He knows what’s good.

I also made a batch of “Baby Cookies” yesterday. I don’t like feeding Colt crackers and pretzels, but there’s a time when I need to give him something that he can eat himself (like while I’m driving). I soak and dehydrate raw almonds, make my own almond butter, and use unsweetened applesauce to make these cookies. I love being able to feel good about what I’m feeding him.


I made 4 loaves of bread too. I know white bread is not a healthy food, but it’s what Justin wants for his sandwiches. He came home right when they came out the oven and devoured half a loaf. How does he get to eat that much bread smothered in butter and honey and not suffer the consequences? So not fair!

Speaking of Justin, I totally understand the comfort of certain clothing, but don’t you think he’s pushing the limit a little? He has like 5 other jackets but he loves this one that he’s had since he was 16. When he came home like this I told him it had to go!

I’ve got to run (well actually drive but I wish it was running) to town, but I’ll leave you with this picture to drool over. Raw apple pie recipe to come soon!



3 thoughts on “Running update and my day… with a recipe to come

  1. I am waiting for the recipe! Looks yummy! Glad you are running. Appears all is well in your world! Makes me happy! Love, joni

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