My eyes have been open…

Let me set the scene. Picture yourself standing on the sidewalk, you are careful to watch your steps because if even a foot touches the dead grass surrounding the parking lot, the employees inside might call the cops. The scowl of the employees glaring at you from doors and windows remind you that this is their territory; Satan’s ground. You can sense the spiritual warfare, and you never stop praying. While watching girls crying in the car and being led by their boyfriends into the clinic it hits you hard; these women need your help. The babies in the womb of these women, warm and safe, being rocked to sleep by their mothers movements, learning the sound of her voice, being soothed by her heartbeat, need your help.
You see this building as a slaughter-house and the women and babies the sheep. You try to hand pre-abortion packets through the windows of cars as they pull into the parking lot. You speak out to them as they head towards the door of the clinic. The pressure to find the right words, ones that will hit them with the truth and severity of what they are doing, is immense. The women are all different. One woman stomps to the door shaking her head violently, and before opening the door she point her finger hard at you while making the meanest face she can create. She wants to slap you. She wishes you weren’t there making her feel guilty for killing her child. It’s very uncomfortable, you don’t like confrontation, but at least you have brought out an emotion in her. If she’s angry then it means she feels.
The next car pulls in and you can see how tightly she’s gripping the steering wheel. Her lips are pinched together and tears are silently running down her cheeks. She stays in the car awhile, battling inside herself, trying to suppress her guilt. Her car door opens slowly and her steps are slow. You speak out again feeling hopeful that this girl will stop and turn toward you. She doesn’t. The door seems to weigh a thousand pound as she opens its and walks in. You feel useless. Has Satan such a strong hold on these women that they cannot hear? It’s discouraging and heartbreaking.
Another couple arrives and you go at it again. The packet through the window, the praying while they park, pleading with them to come speak with you. And they do! Your hearts racing. The words pour out of your mouth, flowing from an overwhelmed heart. Someone is willing to listen. They listen and then enter the clinic. Waiting in anticipation is painful. They return, thanking you for the information and informing you that they decided not to go through with the abortion. They’re going to keep the baby! Emotions overwhelm you; relief, joy, thankfulness. You take the opportunity to share the Gospel and pray with them. The feeling of uselessness that overcame you in the beginning is done away with and amazement at the grace of God to use you in such away invigorates the soul and open a new chapter in your life. You will never be the same.


There is an amazing couple in Nashville that stands outside an abortion clinic every Thursday. A few ladies at my church have been driving an hours distance to join them in handing out pre-abortion packs, counsel people who will talk to them, preach the gospel to people waiting at the bus stop, and save lives. I had heard them talk about it a few times and I thought what they were doing was wonderful, but I’d never gotten involved. I’m ashamed to say it but I felt like the pro-life movement was so huge that it didn’t need my help. I had toyed with the idea of going several time and finally decided to try it out yesterday.
What I wrote above is not exactly what happened that day, but the emotions are real. I want to encourage people to get involved. I know it might seem intimidating at first, so I wanted others to know how it feels to stand there. Work up the boldness to go once, and I guarantee you you’ll do it again. A woman who was on the fence did decide not to have an abortion because of the work that was done that day! Two weeks ago there was a 19-year-old who changed her mind. The Gospel is being preached, lives are being saved right in your backyard. What an opportunity!

The clinic. They strategically placed the doors to their building so that the only chance to reach someone without stepping on the clinics property is a pre-abortion packet through the window or if they come over and talk to you. This facility performs scheduled abortions between 8 and 10 am. They do 10 to 12 abortions a day!

They shared the gospel with this young man who was walking by. He was so enthusiastic about it. He asked them to pray for him right there and grabbed their hands. They gave him a Good and Evil and got his info to follow-up with him later.

Standing at the parking lot entrance to hand out packets. A surprising amount of people take them.

The truck that hauls the dead babies bodies away came while we were there. The bodies from 1600 abortion clinics are transported to a facility in North Carolina that burns them.


The group of ladies and children from our church that got up at dark to arrive in time and stood in freezing weather for hours. This facility performs scheduled abortions between 8 and 10 am. They do 10 to 12 abortions a day!


10 thoughts on “My eyes have been open…

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience in this blog. It was a great joy to meet you yesterday and I am glad to hear that you plan on continuing in this outreach.

    • I am so proud of you Amber. To think my young daughter was moved by her convictions to action and got involved! Our fight is not carnal but spiritual. Remember to put on the full armor of God, Ephesians 6.

  2. You are a wonderful child of God, Amber. May God continue speaking to you about this much-needed ministry and may you continue to obey.
    Love and Prayers,

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