Lemon cake and a sad cold run

Colt slept in until 9 today and when he did wake up this is the mood he was in:
I’m sure if we all slept in until 9 we’d be that happy too. Right?

I made this cake for Colt’s party tomorrow. Justin made the lemon curd for the recipe because he’s multi-talented. And you didn’t think he could cook did you?


Colt has a new favorite food. Sauteed broccoli slaw. I have a very weird kid.

Yes, I know I really need a high chair so that my poor child doesn’t have to eat his meals at the coffee table.

When Justin got home from work he decide to take Colt and accompany me on my run. It’s SO cold outside so out came the snow suit. Colt didn’t know what to think. He just laid there like “Hahaha! They finally realized they need a straight jacket to contain my craziness!”.


My super cute entourage.

My run was sad today because it caused me to come to terms with the fact that I need to take a short break from running.My hip has been bothering me off and on for about 2 weeks now and today it was pretty bad. I made it about a mile limping/running before Justin finally convinced me that running injured isn’t going to help me recover. I ran an intense 10k on Saturday and I haven’t been able to walk without a limp since then. I have a half marathon on the 16th of March. Hopefully if I train smart these next few weeks I’ll be ready to run.

This is a sad running picture because I’m not wearing my shoes. Just my lonely feet longing to run.

We ended the evening with a trip to store to get balloons for Colt’s birthday tomorrow. He loves balloons!

Don’t fret Mother; he was not left unattended with them.


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